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 Welcome to the Owensboro United Soccer Club

 Soccer Programs in Owensboro for U8 - U19 

SportsTutor offers programs for U8 through U14 players.  More information and registration can be found at their website, http://www.sportstutor.net/  

Owensboro United offers teams and training groups for U15 through U19 players for the Spring season. 

Owensboro United will be completing its spring registration for travel soccer over the next several weeks.  We held tryouts for some age groups last summer and now the Club will complete the process for all age groups.

As a Club, we try to meet the needs of any player that has a desire to play.  Our thought process for all age groups and team formation is as follows:

  1. Do we have the players in a single birth year to create a “highly” competitive team.  This is accomplished by tryouts and selection at some age groups.
  2. Do we have enough players in a single birth year to create one or more teams, one being more competitive than the other?
  3. Can we, or should we, create any combined birth year teams to create more playing opportunities?

The meaning of “competitive” in this situation is related to our choice of what the team(s) will do.  What league? What tournaments? Do we play State Cup? President’s Cup? Other tournaments?

Girls 2007 (U13) to 2001 (U19)

We hope to create the following teams: U13, U14, U15, U16 and U17-U19.  To date we have not held any tryouts on the girls side and we are interested in creating opportunities for as many players as possible.  Subsequent to registration, we will follow the steps above. We may hold selective tryouts at one or more ages.

Boys 2005 (U15) to 2001 (U19)

We have previously held tryouts for U16 and U17-U19.  Most positions for our “highly” competitive teams have been filled.  There is potential for more players to be added at the discretion of the coaches.

We have a specific program for our U17-U19 Boys that is being administered by Coach John Fusco.  If you are a 2003 to 2001 birth year, and interested in playing with this group, then email us at oborounited@gmail.com about availability.

The Club is currently building a roster for a U15 (2005) team.  The Club is further interested in creating additional teams at U14, U15 and U16 or creating dual ages teams.

In closing, the simple message to everyone is to register if you are interested in playing in the spring.  The initial down payment is $100 for all groups except U17-U19 boys which is $175.

Players can register or get General information about our season, fees and uniforms at our website, www.owensborounited.com 

Please email us at oborounited@gmail.com with any questions.

 General Information

Our Club uses a combination of tryouts and multiple aged teams designed to meet the needs of players with varying skill levels.  Our goal is to offer a quality training environment and to field competitive teams in all events, including end of the season state events.

Games and Tournaments

United has multiple options for scheduling games and tournaments.  Competitive matches are vital to player and team development.   At the conclusion of registration, the Club will determine the suitable format.

United will evaluate tournaments suitable for training purposes and for experience.  We anticipate participation in at least three (3) tournaments during the season.

Throughout the season we will evaluate participation in state competitions at season’s end (Presidents Cup and State Cup) for players and “competitive teams”.

Please note that participation in matches and tournaments is at the sole discretion of the coaching staff.  It is the player’s responsibility to develop the necessary skills and fitness to compete in competitive matches and tournaments.

Fee Structure

Fees for U15 and up teams range between $500 to $800.

 Uniforms (A full kit is approximately $200):

Practice – Gray United practice t-shirt and black shorts and socks.

Game  Home – White Jersey, White Shorts and White Socks and Away – Boys - Navy Jersey, Navy Shorts and Navy Socks and Away - Girls - Royal Blue Jersey, Shorts and Socks.  Team option for girls is Black.

Calendar – March through June

Please email oborounited@gmail.com with any questions regarding our program for this next seasonal year.



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